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  • No.1

    1 issue  /  SGD 16.99

    世界コスプレサミット 公式PHOTOブック 2013

    “MANGA"(漫画)の聖地・日本で開催されるコスプレの世界No.1決定戦『世界コスプレサミット(WCS)』の公式フォトブック 。

    “MANGA"(漫画)の聖地・日本で開催されるコスプレの世界No.1決定戦『世界コスプレサミット(WCS)』の公式フォトブック 。世界中の若者を虜にする日本の「マンガ」「アニメ」。そのブームは「読む」「見る」だけでなく、「なりきる」楽しみ=「コスプレ」も生み出しました。そんな世界中のコスプレイヤーが「聖地=日本・名古屋」に集結。熱い思いの集大成である『世界コスプレサミット(WCS)』の様子をフォトブックで紹介しています。
  • No 8 - 2014

    1 issue  /  SGD 4.07

    YOU Blockbusters

    With 100 pages of the best and most popular crosswords that appear weekly in YOU, as well as plenty of brand new puzzles, this magazine means hours of fun.
  • No 8 - 2014

    1 issue  /  SGD 4.07

    Huisgenoot Blokraai

    Met 100 bladsye van die beste en gewildste blokraaie wat weekliks in Huisgenoot verskyn, sowel as ’n hele paar splinternuwes, bring hierdie tydskrif ure se pret.
  • Competence Mac HS

    1 issue  /  SGD 11.46

    Compétence Mac HS

    Guide pratique complet

    Grâce à ce guide complet 100% pratique, débutez et prenez en main votre Mac équipé d’OS X Mavericks, dernier né d’Apple. Nous ferons le tour complet des nouvelles fonctions et applications comme iBooks ou Plans. Au fil de ces 148 pages, vous apprendrez à utiliser votre Mac dans sa globalité, sans oublier la suite iLife, composée d’iPhoto, d’iMovie et de GarageBand, nouvellement disponible.
  • The Complete Guide to PS4

    1 issue  /  SGD 12.29

    The Ultimate Guide to PS4

    PlayStation 4 launch special!

    The games, the tech, the future: this is your ultimate PlayStation 4 handbook.
  • X-ONE: The Complete Manual Revised Edition

    1 issue  /  SGD 8.73

    Xbox One: The Complete Manual

    Simple guides to your Xbox One console

    The Xbox One is the ultimate next-generation gaming console, bringing high-end graphics and impressive visuals and combining it with an always-on social connectivity. If that’s not enough then the Xbox One also has all the necessary multimedia services you’d expect to see from a system designed to be the heart of your living room. In this book we detail everything from the initial setup of your console, using Kinect and Xbox Live, download apps, watching films, listening to music and much more. FEaturing: Getting started - Get to know the hardware and learn how to set it up to your liking Essential knowledge - Learn how to use Kinect, SmartGlass and more The games - Find out about the best games available or coming soon for your Xbox One Get more from your device - See how you can expand the use of your console, including Xbox Live, browsing the web, watching movies and listening to music
  • No.1

    1 issue  /  SGD 1.66

    Pope Francis Comics

    The first magazine for children dedicated to the words and stories of the Holy Father

    The aim of the new comic book is to explain the Holy Father’s words to children to help them grow and learn. The magazine offers illustrations that represent the Pope's message in an accessible form to children. Children can so easily understand the greatness of the teaching of His Holiness, inspired by the Gospel, and put it into practice into their daily lives, into their family, at school and with friends. Moreover, "Pope Francis Comics” wants to stimulate active participation of the young readers, thanks to illustrations to colour in and word games, where the child can learn and have fun, either alone or helped by parents.
  • How To Do Everything In Minecraft

    1 issue  /  SGD 5.25


    Essential Minecraft strategies!

    Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon. Since it was first released back in 2011, it has been taken to the hearts of thousands and thousands of gamers. And if they are anything like us, they spend hour after hour exploring its many possibilities. Whether you play Minecraft on a tablet, on a desktop computer or on a games console, infinite fun is what you are going to get. Minecraft, though is also a game of secrets. It is a game where clever strategies, lateral thinking and some expert help can really unlock even more possibilities. That is where this guide comes in. whether you are a new Minecraft player or a very experienced one, we have lots of things to tell you about that we have uncovered while playing the game. We have packed this guide with as many secrets, pieces of advice, tactics and ideas as we can. So whether you want to get on top of the basics of effective building, pillage a Jungle Temple or take down the Ender Dragon himself, we have plenty to tell you about.
  • Play & Win at Poker The Complete Manual

    1 issue  /  SGD 8.73

    Play & Win at Poker The Complete Manual

    Simple guides to the most popular games

    This book takes you through everything you need to start playing poker in no time at all. With guides to the many popular variants, from Texas Hold’em to Draw poker, plus advice on playing in the casino, at home, and online, we have you covered wherever and however you want to play. Featuring: Introduction to poker - Follow the history of poker from its origins to the present day What is poker? - Discover what defines the game, and what unites the variations Texas Hold’em - How to play and win at the world’s most popular poker game Poker Strategy - Take your knowledge of the basics and start playing strategically
  • The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft!

    1 issue  /  SGD 12.29

    The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft!

    From the makers of GamesMaster

    It's the return of GamesMaster Presents, and for out tenth issue we've mase The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft, starring tips, tricks, guides and features on the world's biggest game!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Indie Games

    1 issue  /  SGD 12.29

    The Ultimate Guide to Indie Games

    Join the revolution with expert reviews, previews and guides to the biggest indie hits!

    So firstly, a huge thanks and secondly if you can give your teams one final push it would be much appreciated.
  • The Ultimate PS4 Handbook

    1 issue  /  SGD 12.29

    The Ultimate PS4 Handbook

    The Encyclopedia of Next-Gen

    148-page guide to PS4, with every game on the console reviewed, plus all the biggest titles coming in 2014 and beyond!
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